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AntidotPro is a revolutionary product like no other on the market. In most cases, AntidotPro will prevent any burning, itching, irritation or other discomfort while your colour application is processing and can even prevent these effects up to 24 hours after colouring. 

Add it to any hair colour, bleach, perm mix, chemical straightener or any other hair treatment that may create scalp discomfort. 


  • Your clients will enjoy unparalleled relief thanks to the product’s 12 natural active ingredients


Coconut oil powder

Kumquat oil

Macadamia oil powder

Bamboo oil powder

Borage oil powder

Grape seed oil powder

Avocado powder

Grapefruit oil

Babassu oil

Coconut oil

Shea butter

  • Creative stylists will love its flexibility, allowing them to successfully carry out extreme transformations with no discomfort
  • Low cost per product application
  • Builds customer loyalty 
  • Easy-to-use product requires no special training 


More product info 

  • Does not affect colouring or other types of treatment
  • Will not affect wait time
  • Does not change the hair’s texture
  • Can be used with all professional product lines 



For best performance and results, combine AntidotPro with Olaplex, as this is the perfect match to maximize hair quality without compromising the integrity of the scalp. 


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