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Let your inner artist shine with Artistic.


Artistic was created by world renowned artists who came together to share their talent and fill a void in the professional nail market. Their main goal was to showcase their creativity through innovative, high-performance products. Aside from the fact that Artistic products work wonders, the line stands out with its exceptional shades, considered an “innovation in colour.”


For its trendy collections and their stories

Every year, Artistic offers their artists six gel collections to create a colour palette that’s in line with the latest trends. Each collection features shades that are individually conceptualized with their own story.

For the diversity of products

With more than 120 gel shades, from romantic creams to electric neon, the range of colours and possibilities is limitless with Artistic. And in addition to their gel line, they offer professional tools, acrylic and a hard gel system to meet all the needs of your clientele. 

For its high-quality products

Artistic products offer long-lasting shine and hold for up to three weeks, with no flaking or peeling.



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