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For skin that's as soft as silk.


Designed in laboratory by beauty professionals, EÏOS depilatory products are created from natural ingredients. Their extensive research and precise formulas allow EÏOS to offer high-quality products that meet the standards of perfection and performance demanded by estheticians.


Each element has been thoroughly engineered and studied, from the composition of the wax to the container.


Several elements are used to make EÏOS an effective wax, such as Mica powder that is integrated into the wax for better “traction” when removing the hairs. As well, the hot wax contains paraffin, which makes it more flexible and prevents it from breaking when removed. And all EÏOS waxes are hypoallergenic.

The containers of warm EÏOS wax also improve the product’s performance as they are made from polymer, which allows them to be heated up to 425°F in the oven, microwave and wax warmer.

No residues

For additional precision, EÏOS is filtered five to nine times, contrary to standard products that are usually only filtered three times. The extra filtration makes a difference in the quality of the wax, allowing it to leave no residues on the skin after waxing.

Optimum adhesion

To obtain a rich resin with optimum adhesion properties, EÏOS depilatory waxes are made from naturally extracted pine resin from Portugal, in a process that respects the environment.



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