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Ludovic Leroy

Styling accessories and The Expert Team for limitless creativity.

About Ludovic Leroy


Ludovic Leroy is more than a brand of accessories for hairstyling professionals, it’s also The Expert Team—an inspiring and creative team of passionate people who offer advanced training at salons and in academy.

Launched by Ludovic Leroy, a renowned stylist, artist and instructor, the brand has earned a prominent place in the industry among hairstylists and colourists who want to perfect their art and create without limits.

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To work with the right tools and save time

Ludovic was used to working with certain tools in France, so he brought them with him to Quebec. He would often lend his accessories to his Quebec colleagues, and they quickly became very popular. That’s how the idea of Ludovic Leroy tools was born. High quality, diverse and versatile, they make work easier for styling professionals and allow them to save precious time. But watch out: your coworkers will often want to borrow your new accessories!

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To take your work to a whole new level

Ludovic Leroy tools provide more precision and allow you to use new techniques to satisfy your most demanding clients. And don’t forget about The Expert Team training sessions, which will give you all the inspiration you need and help you perfect your expertise.

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