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The ingredient that changes everything.


Olaplex strengthens the hair by multiplying and repairing disulfide bonds. It’s a unique and revolutionary haircare product that stylists trust to uphold the integrity of their clients’ hair.

Olaplex is easy to use, suitable for all hair types and compatible with all professional brands. Use it with your chemical services (colouring, bleaching, keratin treatments, straightening and perms) or as a treatment on its own.


To give your clients the hair they want

In just one visit, Olaplex allows you to do what was once impossible:

  • Perform radical transformations from dark to light
  • Make blondes even blonder
  • Treat damaged hair and revive split ends
  • Correct the colour without damaging the hair
  • Carry out flawless smoothing treatments
  • Restore maximum shine and suppleness to the hair
  • Make vibrant colours last longer
  • Give perms without damaging the hair

 With Olaplex, your clients can also enjoy more frequent chemical services for hair that’s always perfect!

To generate additional revenue

Generate more profits by offering a premium service with Olaplex and booking more frequent appointments with your clients. You can also generate more revenue from retail thanks to the at-home treatment that strengthens the hair between salon visits and also acts as a pre-treatment before a chemical service.

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