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Sparitual is a simple, versatile, high-performance line that comes in four families, each associated with a main essential oil that offers specific benefits to the body. Each family includes bath salts, a soak tonic, a scrub, a massage cream, a body lotion and a fragrant mist. Sparitual also offers specialized products (manicure and pedicure essentials, specific products for the body, nail polish and treatments) to refine your techniques and allow you to carry out complete care treatments. The line features professional and retail products for men and women.


Because it’s a simple yet versatile line 

Sparitual is a simple, versatile line. You essentially use the same products to carry out various treatments, which means you require less inventory.

Because it’s a high-performance line

Sparitual acquires high-quality active ingredients from the most concentrated sources across the world. For example, Sparitual doesn’t use just any ginger in its products; it uses Indonesian ginger, since it’s the purest.

To provide your clients with a multi-sensory experience

Sparitual products have distinctive fragrances, multiple colours and varied textures to awaken the senses and allow your clients to enjoy a unique treatment experience.

To offer treatments that don’t require access to a sink or shower

Sparitual products rinse out well with a towel, and leave no residues. They are perfect for keeping your clients relaxed right to the end because they don’t need to get up to rinse away the product.

To improve the services you already offer in your salon

You don’t have to use the complete Sparitual line. Simply integrate a few of the products with the ones you currently use to enhance your services and, at the same time, improve customer satisfaction. 



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