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Aria Beauty

Luxurious styling tools for professionals and retail.


Aria Beauty is a unique brand that stands out for its luxurious looking tools. Each product is designed to be both beautiful and high-performance. Featured in several magazines and on social media, the critics agree: the line offers excellent products and packaging designed to turn heads!


For high-performance tools

Aria Beauty uses infrared technology in several of its tools, allowing the hair to maintain moisture and preventing heat damage from hot equipment. These high-performance tools are lightweight and help keep the hair healthy. 

For luxurious looking products and packaging

As attractive inside as they are on the outside, Aria Beauty’s sublime products and packaging have something for everyone; whether you want vibrant colours or a velvet finish, the line is fabulous at every level.

Products for every need

Aria Beauty has a two-tier line of products: one for beauty professionals (Salon Series) and one for retail (Pro Series). You can be sure that Aria Beauty will meet all of your needs. 


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