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Recognized by professionals for over 25 years. 


Created by one of the first-ever licenced estheticians in the US, Bioelements has been recognized by professionals for over 25 years.

Bioelements features a range of products that stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process. In just one hour-long treatment, you will instantly obtain visible, long-lasting results. As well, Bioelements allows you to create custom care formulas adapted to each client to meet their specific needs.

Bioelements offers a complete high-performance range of professional and retail skincare products that can be used in your salon as a single or complementary line, according to your needs. 


To meet all the needs of your clientele and increase customer loyalty

Bioelements allows you to create custom care formulas adapted to each client. In just one mix, you can treat the skin type and up to three skin conditions at the same time. This will allow you to meet all your clients’ needs, since you can create tailor-made facial care, from the salon to home. 

Adapting custom products is easy and helps to increase customer loyalty, as your clients will come back because YOU have THEIR special formula.

To generate additional retail sales

As the results from Bioelements are instantaneous and visible in just one hour-long treatment, your clients will see a difference when they leave your salon, making it easy for you to generate retail sales.

Bioelements also offers very beneficial kits for a complete at-home beauty routine. And, if you like, you can adapt the products provided in the kits and tailor them to your customer to better meet their specific needs.

In addition to the kits, retail products for men (HIS) and for body (VITALIZATION) will also satisfy your clients.

As an affordable alternative to technologies like microdermabrasion, laser or intense pulsed light 

Bioelements innovates with its Ultra-Detox care that offers all the benefits of a traditional chemical peel with no recuperation time after the treatment (no sunburn feeling, no swelling, no pain and no flaking). These peels are extremely effective and offer an affordable alternative to expensive devices.




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