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About Redken


Redken boasts more than a half-century of expertise in products (colouring, hair, styling) for hairstyling professionals. This line strikes the perfect balance between solid scientific innovations, the inspiration of renowned specialists and an exceptional flair for new trends.


Designed to stimulate stylists’ creativity and provide them with the very best, Redken develops all of its products based on three fundamental values: innovation, fashion and inspiration.


Redken offers cutting-edge products and services as well as patented technologies based on extensive hair expertise. Their product line features simple solutions to meet the specific needs of all hair types, whether for professional treatments, hair care, styling products or colouring. Discover their full range at the forefront of technology that will allow you to enhance your talent.


For several years, Redken has been affiliated with the fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris, and has partnered with Guido, an internationally acclaimed artist. Redken draws its inspiration from the spirit, energy and styles of New York City as well as fashion runways, and its sources of inspiration are infinite. Want to give your clientele the season’s hottest colouring and styling trends? Redken has what you need!


Discover an interactive environment where you can learn useful techniques, perfect your skills and, best of all, get inspired! You can also benefit from a global network of trained artists to load up on inspiration about the latest trends and techniques across the globe. And when you decide to join the Redken family, you’ll get access to Club 5th Avenue to support your business development.

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